Thursday, September 10, 2020





Inside my head are spiderwebs

Covered in hideous spiders.

Behind them they hide what’s in my mind

These webs, they act as dividers.

When anxiety spikes, I cannot think,

Fighting the spiders in my head,

With no weapons, no skills, no way to win,

But if the spider doesn’t end up dead

I can’t clear away the spiderweb

And reach what lies behind

I can’t breathe, I can’t see, my mind I can’t reach

In the threads I become entwined.

Everyday has become a struggle

To clear away the threads

Because if I don’t stop, or I give up,

I’ll get tangled in the webs.

2020 pt 4: Wildfires

 2020 pt. 4: Wildfires



The world began with fire and ash,

And now we watch as the west burns.

For everything has a beginning,

And every beginning has an ending.


The whole coast is shrouded in flames

And ash falls from the sky like rain.

People flee as the lives they built shatter

But even as they run, and scatter,

They keep running west, to the shore,

Which is the only thing left anymore.

The only place left to go is the sea.

It’s the safest place to be.


The smoke covers the sky as it rises

Erasing the landscape around it.

For an ending might be coming

To bring forward a new beginning.

2020 pt 3: Protests

 2020 pt. 3: Protests



“I can’t breathe,” George Floyd said

As he was choked to death,

Pulled out of his car and down on the ground

A knee on throat as he expelled his last breath.


Breonna Taylor was shot to death

When police pushed into her home,

They had a warrant, but not for her,

Her death cut us to the bone.


Many more were killed this year,

Murdered horribly by police,

A large percent of them were black,

So, people took it to the streets.

“Police brutality!” the country screamed

As they tried to prove a point,

But the police responded with violence.

The world they disappoint.

Most of the protests were peaceful

As together people stood,

Begging the country to make a change

To fix whatever they could.

Some states tried to appease the people

Putting new rules into place,

But a few protestors were violent,

The naysayers called protestors a disgrace.


Though months later, the protests haven’t stopped

As everyone tries to bring change,

But as the violence against us draws on,

We can’t help but continue to rage.


“I can’t breathe.”

2020 pt 2: Murder Hornets


2020 pt. 2: Murder Hornets



The end of spring brought a twist

When murder hornets made their way

Into the states up further north,

But where they here to stay?

The hornets, they told us were horrible

Killing bugs and men and beast,

A sudden terror of these little things

Was one more thing, to say the least.

Luckily, they faded away

Disappearing into the year

Just one more thing to cross off

Just one more thing that’s left to fear.

2020 pt 1: Shut Down


2020 pt. 1: Shut Down



At the start of the year, we made our plans

And everything seemed so well.

So many things we wanted to do

Before everything turned to Hell.

It wasn’t long, before whispers of

A disease around the globe

Popped up to cause a frightful start

And put a block up in the road.

In March, the country became shut down

And we were told to stay home,

As Covid swept across the states,

Leaving us nowhere to go.

On and on, we stayed inside,

And wore masks to bring some peace,

But time wore on, and nothing changed

In America, it would not cease.

It’s September now, and though we’ve tried,

Our worlds are still tight and closed,

The germs still spread, though places open

I’d rather just stay home.

The pandemic swept across the world,

So many people died,

Businesses closed and jobs were lost,

For these reasons and more, we cried.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Our First Year

Our First Year

It was – truly Fate – that we should meet
And wind up in this place,
For any – Change – of circumstance
And that wouldn’t be the case.
To end up working the same job
By – merely a Game – of chance,
There you came to notice me
With only – but a Glance –
Though much Time passed before we Joined
And – truly became – a Pair,
We live here now, to – Love and Learn –
In this – Magical – life we share.
Last year we Wed and together vowed
To share our – Earthly span –
Then later vowed for longer still,
Eternity – if we can.

Happy Anniversary.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Keep to Myself

Keep to Myself

I often hide behind my doors
And lock them, so no one comes in,
I’m just so shy that I want to cry.
Talking with people seems foreign.
So, I hide in my room with a book in hand
Or when I’m alone I like to sing,
But often I feel out of place
And the feeling starts to sting.
But I hate getting left behind
I hate feeling left out,
Though in conversation, I get pushed aside
And it makes me want to shout!
TO SCREAM at the injustice
And the things I just can’t say.
But instead I stay behind my door
Hoping that it will go away.
Though often it’s a lonely life
Where people pass me bye,
I live happily in my solitude
Without a question or thought of why.

I keep to myself and come out when I want
I do what I wish with nary a thought.