Thursday, January 5, 2017

Where I'm Meant to Be

Where I’m Meant to Be

Have you ever had that Feeling
That this is—Where I’m meant to be?
Before was all Wrong—
It’s been so Long
Since I’ve truly been just me?

Then something goes right and you realize
That though the Road was Long—
This is—Where you belong
And nothing else could truly be—
But to have got there—you must have been Strong.

However many wrong turns— you felt you took,
How hard it was to get—Through—
You kept pushing forward—
You kept moving toward—
A path you thought you’d misconstrued.

But then you tripped and stumbled,
You fell onto the right—Path.
You’re filled with Light—that chases away the Night—
And for the first time in a while,
With joy—you can finally Laugh

Christmas Love

Christmas Love

Christmas time is the time of year
To hold our loved ones close,
To celebrate all the joy we’ve shared
And remember all we’ve lost.
When the year is at its darkest
And all seems bleak and cold
We warm up by the fire
In a ceremony, most old.
This is the time we remember the year
And the pain and joy it brought,
So we can push aside the sadness
And all the horror it wrought.
Instead we deal in joy and love
To bring family and friends together.
Whether religious or not, we all share our lot
Because love will last forever.

R.I.P. Katherine Johnson and Toya

The Wall

The Wall

We surround ourselves with sturdy walls
Built tough to keep us safe,
To block out the harshest words,
The anger, the pain, the hate.
The things we do not wish to face
Stay outside our thick stone walls,
But there’s something we can’t see
That even if it’s oh so small
The words that hurt begin to chip
And dig the wall away,
Creating holes that show our souls—
The pain we can’t keep at bay.
Those words are like a little rock
That chip away the stone,
And words do hurt, just like stones and sticks
They just might break the bone.
That little stone digs at the wall
And though it takes some time,
A misplaced word that starts to hurt
Causes our souls to intertwine,
And breaks away the sturdy wall
Making the hole grow ever deeper
Until eventually the words break through
And like the nefarious reaper
Those words cut at us, inflicting wounds
Whether they were meant to hurt or not—
Those holes don’t close, they show our souls
And expose ourselves to rot.
Most often many create the holes
But sometimes it’s only one
That says the things that hurt us most
And chase away the sun.
Every wall has chips and cracks
That we try to fill with putty,
But it’s never as strong as the original
Thus leaving our walls less sturdy.
So careful with the words you say
No matter what you think,
Because you’ll find a crack left in the stone
And make the hole ever deeper. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Walking on the Fence

Walking on the Fence

I was walking on the fence of life
With no ground close in sight,
All I could see, from side to side,
Was a landscape barren of life.
The darkness spread around me,
My only saving grace was the fence
That stretched forever in front of me,
But my future was full of suspense.
Too scared to look behind me
But there was nothing to see ahead,
Just a big, black wall of confusion,
To the slaughter I was being led.

But then your hand pushed through the dark
And the fence forked to each side,
After a moment of indecision
I finally made up my mind,
So I grasped your hand and followed you
Along a different path
And suddenly I started to see
A field of flowers and grass.
Where before there was only darkness
A future began to unfold,
I found a way back to the light
And happiness finally took hold.

We will dance through the field of flowers
Forever side by side,
And any sort of darkness found
I will fight with you as my guide,
And always I will guide you
If you lose sight of the light,
I'll reach through the wall of darkness
And together we will fight
So no longer will we walk the fence
Struggling to find balance in life,
No more wavering back and forth
Together we'll fight through all strife.

My Sun

My Sun

Before - I thought I saw the Sun
Shining down - across my face,
I thought I felt the warmth - at least
But it turns out - that was not the case.

I thought the Sun - might be peaking out
From behind the - Sunset's rusted clouds,
That Hope was on the distant horizon,
But They turned out to be others in the - crowd.

And then I thought - that possibly -
All I was seeing - was the Moon -
Just a - Dimly - lit reflection
That would always leave - too soon.

I thought I'd never - See - the Sun,
That the Moon was - all - I'd see,
But unexpectedly the Sun - came out
Dancing Brightly in front of me.

At first it was so - blindingly Bright,
My vision was filled with spots,
That left - Darkness - in my eyes
Though my chest felt strange - and hot.

But once my vision started to clear
And all I could see was You -
I wanted to cry, I wanted to fly,
I am lost with no chance of rescue.

I see the Light, it's oh so Bright,
Now my heart is soaring fee.
I know I can fly, and now I will try
To keep you forever with Me.

I Have No Words

I Have No Words

How can I even put in words
The way you make me feel,
This squeezing feeling in my chest,
My heart you chose to steal.

I smile -- I grin, ecstatically,
Though I'm not quite sure why.
This strange new feeling of happiness
I have no words to describe.

You really only have to smile
And gently hold my hand,
I want to laugh, and grin, and giggle,
A feeling I don't understand.

Not to say that I'm complaining,
I've just never felt this before,
I'm so glad I get to feel this way
And spend time with you, who I adore.

I'm afraid this is the best I can do
To express to you how I feel,
Romantic words now fail me
My head now spins and reels.

But the one thing I can say to you
With utmost certainty,
"I love you so with all my heart"
And this I guarantee.

Eulogy for Nate

Eulogy For Nate
9/22/2016 (ish)

Nate is dead, Nate is dead –
Pushing up daisies in a flower bed.
Worked too hard to earn his bread,
Ended up taking the slack instead.

Nate has died, Nate has died –
Took too much damage to his pride,
Fell down dead upon the line,
The team broke down and the managers cried.

Nate had tried, Nate had tried –
To got against the rising tide,
But the managers would not follow his guide
So Nate fell down and his ass got fried.

We lost our friend, lost our friend –
But now down that path we'll all soon tread
As the wave of incompetence starts to spread
The whole line just might soon be dead.

To my dear love who lost his life
Who as a ghost now hides our knives
So in a moment of panic and strife
We can't possibly take one anothers lives.

His ghost still laughs, you can hear it laugh –
When you walk in and go to the back.
But if you cannot hear his laugh,
Beware his wrath, beware his laugh.

(He's not really dead, no truly dead,
He's not coming back to get revenge,
Chances are he's safely in his bed

Looking to the next day with dread.)