Friday, August 21, 2015

Let Yourself Get Lost

Let Yourself Get Lost

Sometimes it’s best to wander
And let yourself get lost
Because it’s worth the cost
Of whatever you may squander.

It’s worth the time you spend
Seeing and trying something new—
Those times are precious and few
And for a short time you can pretend—

Pretend the world has disappeared
And pretend that you are free—
And pretend that all the debris
From life is no longer here.

Maybe you should take back roads,
The ones made all of dirt—
Because sometimes you have to skirt
The edge of a world about to explode.

Stepping away from reality
Is good for the heart and soul
So every now and then take a stroll
Away from the triviality.

And sometimes you have to let your mind
Travel on its own path—
And let out all its wrath—
So you can let the pain unwind.

Even though it may be hard
You must let yourself go—
Until everything that you know—
Is stricken into shards—

Only in this painful way
Can you truly find yourself lost
And you can you let your heart defrost
Until one day you will be okay.

It’s best to take some time for yourself
And let yourself reset—
Let go of all regret—
And get lost for your own health.