Friday, February 27, 2015

Make the Madness Disappear

Make the Madness Disappear

I’d give anything to make the madness disappear
And stop the spinning in my head
But all I can do is grit my teeth and persevere.

My worries whirl and with my sleep they interfere
As I lay staring at the ceiling above my bed
I’d give anything to make the madness disappear.

The panic hits me in the chest like a spear
And I can’t breathe through the insistent dread
And all I can do is grit my teeth and persevere.

But through my pounding heart I cannot hear
Anything else that ever is said
And I’d give anything to make the madness disappear.

My wayward breath is a cruel mutineer,
My chest hurts so much; I think I may be dead
But all I can do is grit my teeth and persevere.

Through the panic and worry, I can’t stop the tears
I have no choice but to let it consume me instead
And I’d give anything to make the madness disappear
But all I can do is grit my teeth and persevere. 

Just Laugh

Just Laugh

It is a common problem that
People put you down for who or what you are—
But don’t let them.
Just laugh.
Just laugh at their unhappiness
For they are choosing to live in a way that causes pain
And you do not have to let them infect your life
With negativity.
If you decide to argue back instead of walk away,
You only perpetuate the cycle of hate.

If they say, “Because you’re a girl,”
Laugh and say—
“And how is that a bad thing?”
If they say “Because you’re a man,”
Laugh and say—
“Well I can be who I want because that doesn’t define me.”
If they say, “Because you’re race is x,”
Laugh and say—
“My skin does not make me who I am.”

If they mock you for your gender or your sexuality
Laugh and say—
“You don’t know true love, do you?”
If they dislike you because you are a tourist
Laugh and say—
“How else would you make your money if we did not spend so much here?”
If they mock you for religion or your lack there of
Laugh and say—
“I can believe what I want to
It does not affect you.”
If they hate you because you are fat
Laugh and say—
“At least I can enjoy my food,”
And if they hate you because you are thin (unless you are anorexic which is a bad thing)
Laugh and say—
“It’s not my fault I have good genes.”
If they mock you for your clothes
Laugh and say—
“I dress how I deem fit.”

The list goes on.

People like to mock—and hate—and berate,
But don’t let it blacken your soul—
Just laugh,
Because they are unhappy with themselves
And they want you to be
Unhappy too.
But if you can just laugh—
If you can throw that joy back in their face
You can let yourself stay happy
And maybe they will realize that they are unhappy
And fix it.
If not—
That is not a problem for you to fix.
That life is theirs,
And if they want to be unhappy
Because of someone else’s life—
The choice is theirs.
Let them.
But your life is yours.
You must choose to be happy
And fight back against all the darkness—
The negativity—
The anger and the pain—
And the offensive behavior.
Don’t let it get to you.
Just laugh
And be happy—
And be who you want to be—
The choice is yours.
Make the one that’s best for you
And be happy—
Just laugh. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day

As much as I love the idea
Of chocolates—
A nice dinner—
A day to express your love—
And a baby with wings that shoots arrows at people,
A rip off of Greek mythology—
Why do we need it?
And why do we only think of lovers—
Cupid’s arrows—
When we think love.
We don’t think about
Our friends—
Our family.
Giving them gifts is subconscious.
But really, we shouldn’t need a day for this.
Love isn’t something expressed that easily.
It takes more than an arrow of love to ignite the fire
And more than Cupid’s breathe to fan the flame.
It takes much more effort,
Much more time.
A lifetime
To express the love that Cupid gives.
One day of chocolates may be a good start
But in reality
That’s not enough.
Cupid begins the job but you must finish it.
You should show your love every day with more than just
Actions are far more important.
Cupid’s love stays—
So everyday
Should be
Valentine’s day. 

Inside the Suit

Inside the Suit

To me—
A cute top is more attractive than the girl inside
And a nice suit holds more appeal than the man.
Of course, there is something to be said for:
A fine face—
Handsome hair—
And energetic eyes
And there is good reason to avoid
Scrappy skin—
Horrible hair—
And crappy clothes.
But really, it’s what’s inside the suit
Hidden by the outer layer and forced to fit a single form
That really counts.
The hidden part—
The heart—
The soul—
The essence.
The suit we wear is like the shell of a clam—
The precious pearl is on the inside
And you don’t know what you’ll find
Until you look past the hard, plain shell.
The pearl could be fundamentally flawed
Or it could be yet to ripen
Or in rarer circumstances—
It could be black.
Or maybe—
For some unknown reason—
It just
But still—
You never know what you might find until you look inside,
Take away the outer suit,
Do not judge the shell,
And decide for yourself if you like the pearl.
So though I find
That really isn’t what is important.
What matters most
After you take away the suit