Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day

As much as I love the idea
Of chocolates—
A nice dinner—
A day to express your love—
And a baby with wings that shoots arrows at people,
A rip off of Greek mythology—
Why do we need it?
And why do we only think of lovers—
Cupid’s arrows—
When we think love.
We don’t think about
Our friends—
Our family.
Giving them gifts is subconscious.
But really, we shouldn’t need a day for this.
Love isn’t something expressed that easily.
It takes more than an arrow of love to ignite the fire
And more than Cupid’s breathe to fan the flame.
It takes much more effort,
Much more time.
A lifetime
To express the love that Cupid gives.
One day of chocolates may be a good start
But in reality
That’s not enough.
Cupid begins the job but you must finish it.
You should show your love every day with more than just
Actions are far more important.
Cupid’s love stays—
So everyday
Should be
Valentine’s day. 

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