Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Inside the Suit

Inside the Suit

To me—
A cute top is more attractive than the girl inside
And a nice suit holds more appeal than the man.
Of course, there is something to be said for:
A fine face—
Handsome hair—
And energetic eyes
And there is good reason to avoid
Scrappy skin—
Horrible hair—
And crappy clothes.
But really, it’s what’s inside the suit
Hidden by the outer layer and forced to fit a single form
That really counts.
The hidden part—
The heart—
The soul—
The essence.
The suit we wear is like the shell of a clam—
The precious pearl is on the inside
And you don’t know what you’ll find
Until you look past the hard, plain shell.
The pearl could be fundamentally flawed
Or it could be yet to ripen
Or in rarer circumstances—
It could be black.
Or maybe—
For some unknown reason—
It just
But still—
You never know what you might find until you look inside,
Take away the outer suit,
Do not judge the shell,
And decide for yourself if you like the pearl.
So though I find
That really isn’t what is important.
What matters most
After you take away the suit

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