Friday, October 2, 2015

Mutual Nerdiness

Mutual Nerdiness

Let's have fun in our mutual nerdiness
There are so many things that we can do,
Things that other people scoff at
But that decision, one day they will rue
Because we can be strong, mighty warriors
With swords of steel and heavy armor
Swinging away at orcs and goblins
Or you could always be the stealthy archer
Standing in the back waiting for your turn
To fight against whatever evil creature
Comes to stand (quite stupidly) in our way,
But what can I say, I'm a dreamer.
To live in a fantasy world is the way I am
But there are other games that we can play,
So many card games and board games,
There's just to much to do in one day.
There are movies and shows that we can watch
So much more amusing than watching sports,
Doctor Who, Battlestar, X-files, Ancient Aliens,
And other science fiction of various sorts.
But we can't forget anime of different kinds
Fun things like Ouran or Darker Than Black,
Things other people scoff at and think are weird,
Things other people make fun of and attack.
So let's just say, that out of the things we can do
It's probably a good thing I can't learn real spells
Because they'd run out of luck (or maybe health)
And I'd probably put them through hell.
But the best thing in the world that we can do
Is to hang out in our mutual nerdiness
To sip on our tea (or alcohol)
And on that the vote is unanimous.

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