Sunday, November 16, 2014

Food Service Epic: Catalog


 “Sandwich – what kind of bread? A white hoagie?
What would you like on that? You want turkey?
Would you like anything else with that? Some ham?
Is that everything? Some bacon? Damn
We don’t have that today. Calm down. There is
Other stuff. All the meats? These sandwiches
Are bad. They drip in oil and grease. What cheese?
Some pepper jack? Alright.” “Yeah, toasted please.”
“It’s done. Now what kind of veggies would you
Like on your sandwich? Look at the menu,
Alright?” “Lettuce, onion, well, uh, let’s see.
How about tomato? Or possibly
Olives.” “None.” “Well. Banana peppers and
JalapeƱos.” “So much Greed that I’m mad.
They can’t hold back. What sauce do you want?”
“Chipotle and some ranch.” “Done. Such treatment.
The customers are so very mean and rude.
Why can’t we all have a good attitude?”

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