Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Floating in the Ocean

Floating in the Ocean

The seas are now changing and I must be strong,
I hold the wheel steady though so much could go wrong.
I’ve begun to feel dizzy, I can’t keep my head
But I have so few options, no fallback plans instead
Of my falling, my vessel’s drifting off course,
I grip only the wheel and hope it doesn’t get worse.
I can’t see the shore, there’s no land to be seen
As I drift steadily off course, I can’t contain the scream
Of horror and terror, the desperate pleas
To weigh down the anchor and get out of the seas.
I’m floating in the ocean, no land to be found,
I cannot see sunlight and my feet can’t touch ground.
The storm keeps on brewing that threw me off course
So I turn to the heavens, and pray for recourse
But nothing has changed and the quest only gets harder
But what choice do I have but to find some smarter
Plan to reset my path and I must go somewhere
So I pull out a map and push away despair.
I must draw a new course and make it my own,
Though I fight through rough waters, and the seeds I have sown
Of my drift in the ocean, but I can put it to right,
I’ll find a way through the darkness and turn on the light,
Through the clouds and the shadows, through wave after wave,
I’ll fight mighty monsters and make myself brave.
I’ll journey through unknown with no end in sight
But I know I can do it if I put up a fight!
I’ll find land again and find my own place
Though I may be treading water, gladly I’ll face
A future that’s uncertain, a black wall of rain,
I’ll push past the lost love and push past the pain
To a land of great beauty where I know I belong.
The journey may be rough, uncertain and long
If I find my own happiness it cannot be wrong,
So though it may be hard, I have to be strong,
Even if that means my float in the ocean I must prolong
Because one day I’ll reach shore where I can burst into a song
Of joyous occasion where my future is plain
Where all my uncertainty has been strangled and slain.

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