Monday, April 6, 2015

Long, Dark Hallway

Long, Dark Hallway

Some days I feel like I opened a door
Only to have it slam shut
Leaving me in a state of confusion
That feeling is shocking and abrupt
So I stand there silent, unsure
About my next course of action.
Stepping away from the door I look for
Something, anything that will come as a distraction
And lead me away from the swirling feelings
But all I see is the blank door
And a hall so long and white,
There’s nothing left to explore.
I’ve been that way, I came that way
And there is nothing left to see
But the way ahead is blocked, it’s stuck
And there’s no way to break it free.
If I can’t move forward or go back
What course do I have to take?
Maybe if I kick it hard enough
The obstacle will break.
But the fear holds me back,
I just can’t go forward,
Even though this bleak hallway
Leaves me feeling cornered
What if the other side
Is something much, much worse,
A living so abominable
A situation that is adverse?
But I have no option
I must continue
I can make it better
I can make it new.
So I’ll kick the door open
And move on in spite of the uncertainty,
I have no choice, so until I rejoice
My future pleasantries,
I be strong and try to hold on
And I’ll put up a daring fight.
So I’ll kick the door open
Reach in and turn on the light.  

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