Thursday, May 7, 2015

My Mother Tree

My Mother Tree

My mom is tall and strong like a tree
She stands solid and proud.
Her roots have spread through the ground
And her branches bring shade over me.

Her roots dug in, she knows where she stands
In a field of wildflowers
Her quiet grace empowers
All who decide to cross her noteworthy lands.

And under her leaves you can find great bliss
Because it’s a good place to rest,
A good place to build nest,
And under her care there’s no risk.

And I am grateful her tree gives quiet shelter
Her roots make a good bed
And give a calm that’s widespread
And her tree stands solid and tall in the center—

She is my mother tree, the one who is home
She brings shelter and care
And I know she’ll be there
Like a beacon, when I am lost and alone. 

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