Tuesday, May 26, 2015

When They Walk Out the Door

When They Walk Out the Door

The worst feeling one can possibly have
Is to see the one you love most, walk out the door
And you don’t know when they might be back.
To let go of that hand is the worst thing of all
Whether they come back to you or not
Really isn’t your call.
So you wait and you wait until you see them again
And you can’t help but smile when you see their face
But then you must go on and pretend
Like everything is going to be alright,
You have to take a deep breath
And put up a righteous and glorious fight
To not succumb to the pain and show the tears
And to keep a tight hold on your secret
And put a leash on all of your fears
So the one you love most will not worry
And stop to make the goodbye longer
So instead you push and try to make them hurry
Out the door when all you want is to be together
But you have no choice or it will be harder
So instead you try to be wise and clever
And get them to leave faster and be on their way
So you can cry and hurt by yourself
And hope to see them again another day.

But the one you love notices
They always do,
They can see the hurt on your face
And the sadness too,
So they don’t walk out that door
They don’t walk away
Instead they stay and dry your tears
And at least for a little longer they choose to stay.

They make everything better
And though it may feel like you will never
See their face again
You don’t have to hold tight and pretend
Because they will ease away the pain
And help you keep yourself sane
Before they step out that door
And promise to see you because your face they adore.
They will kiss your lips
And promise it’s not the apocalypse
They will always come back
And kept your heart intact
For they love you most of all
And they will help you keep your head tall. 

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