Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Wall

The Wall

We surround ourselves with sturdy walls
Built tough to keep us safe,
To block out the harshest words,
The anger, the pain, the hate.
The things we do not wish to face
Stay outside our thick stone walls,
But there’s something we can’t see
That even if it’s oh so small
The words that hurt begin to chip
And dig the wall away,
Creating holes that show our souls—
The pain we can’t keep at bay.
Those words are like a little rock
That chip away the stone,
And words do hurt, just like stones and sticks
They just might break the bone.
That little stone digs at the wall
And though it takes some time,
A misplaced word that starts to hurt
Causes our souls to intertwine,
And breaks away the sturdy wall
Making the hole grow ever deeper
Until eventually the words break through
And like the nefarious reaper
Those words cut at us, inflicting wounds
Whether they were meant to hurt or not—
Those holes don’t close, they show our souls
And expose ourselves to rot.
Most often many create the holes
But sometimes it’s only one
That says the things that hurt us most
And chase away the sun.
Every wall has chips and cracks
That we try to fill with putty,
But it’s never as strong as the original
Thus leaving our walls less sturdy.
So careful with the words you say
No matter what you think,
Because you’ll find a crack left in the stone
And make the hole ever deeper. 

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