Thursday, September 22, 2016

Walking on the Fence

Walking on the Fence

I was walking on the fence of life
With no ground close in sight,
All I could see, from side to side,
Was a landscape barren of life.
The darkness spread around me,
My only saving grace was the fence
That stretched forever in front of me,
But my future was full of suspense.
Too scared to look behind me
But there was nothing to see ahead,
Just a big, black wall of confusion,
To the slaughter I was being led.

But then your hand pushed through the dark
And the fence forked to each side,
After a moment of indecision
I finally made up my mind,
So I grasped your hand and followed you
Along a different path
And suddenly I started to see
A field of flowers and grass.
Where before there was only darkness
A future began to unfold,
I found a way back to the light
And happiness finally took hold.

We will dance through the field of flowers
Forever side by side,
And any sort of darkness found
I will fight with you as my guide,
And always I will guide you
If you lose sight of the light,
I'll reach through the wall of darkness
And together we will fight
So no longer will we walk the fence
Struggling to find balance in life,
No more wavering back and forth
Together we'll fight through all strife.

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