Thursday, September 22, 2016

My Sun

My Sun

Before - I thought I saw the Sun
Shining down - across my face,
I thought I felt the warmth - at least
But it turns out - that was not the case.

I thought the Sun - might be peaking out
From behind the - Sunset's rusted clouds,
That Hope was on the distant horizon,
But They turned out to be others in the - crowd.

And then I thought - that possibly -
All I was seeing - was the Moon -
Just a - Dimly - lit reflection
That would always leave - too soon.

I thought I'd never - See - the Sun,
That the Moon was - all - I'd see,
But unexpectedly the Sun - came out
Dancing Brightly in front of me.

At first it was so - blindingly Bright,
My vision was filled with spots,
That left - Darkness - in my eyes
Though my chest felt strange - and hot.

But once my vision started to clear
And all I could see was You -
I wanted to cry, I wanted to fly,
I am lost with no chance of rescue.

I see the Light, it's oh so Bright,
Now my heart is soaring fee.
I know I can fly, and now I will try
To keep you forever with Me.

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