Thursday, September 22, 2016

I Have No Words

I Have No Words

How can I even put in words
The way you make me feel,
This squeezing feeling in my chest,
My heart you chose to steal.

I smile -- I grin, ecstatically,
Though I'm not quite sure why.
This strange new feeling of happiness
I have no words to describe.

You really only have to smile
And gently hold my hand,
I want to laugh, and grin, and giggle,
A feeling I don't understand.

Not to say that I'm complaining,
I've just never felt this before,
I'm so glad I get to feel this way
And spend time with you, who I adore.

I'm afraid this is the best I can do
To express to you how I feel,
Romantic words now fail me
My head now spins and reels.

But the one thing I can say to you
With utmost certainty,
"I love you so with all my heart"
And this I guarantee.

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