Thursday, September 22, 2016

Eulogy for Nate

Eulogy For Nate
9/22/2016 (ish)

Nate is dead, Nate is dead –
Pushing up daisies in a flower bed.
Worked too hard to earn his bread,
Ended up taking the slack instead.

Nate has died, Nate has died –
Took too much damage to his pride,
Fell down dead upon the line,
The team broke down and the managers cried.

Nate had tried, Nate had tried –
To got against the rising tide,
But the managers would not follow his guide
So Nate fell down and his ass got fried.

We lost our friend, lost our friend –
But now down that path we'll all soon tread
As the wave of incompetence starts to spread
The whole line just might soon be dead.

To my dear love who lost his life
Who as a ghost now hides our knives
So in a moment of panic and strife
We can't possibly take one anothers lives.

His ghost still laughs, you can hear it laugh –
When you walk in and go to the back.
But if you cannot hear his laugh,
Beware his wrath, beware his laugh.

(He's not really dead, no truly dead,
He's not coming back to get revenge,
Chances are he's safely in his bed

Looking to the next day with dread.)

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