Wednesday, October 1, 2014

All Alone

Just a note before I put this poem in here: there are two versions. One I wrote a long time ago and a revised version from recently.

All Alone
Date Unknown

A sky, deep blue,
Splattered with red,
I can still remember
The last words you said.

My love, my life,
To be laid in stone,
He left me here
To be all alone.

All Alone

The sky, stark blue,
Splattered and stained.
The memories broken,
Your smile, the same.

I still remember
The soft words we said,
A promise, a kiss,
Our lives to be led.

It then, all but shattered,
Your light disappeared,
Silence descended,
You abandoned me here.

My love, my life,
To be laid in stone.
Now I stand here,
I stand all alone. 

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