Friday, October 3, 2014

Frosty Fall

Frosty Fall

Cold and crispy, falls the
Sad and silent snow
As I trudge hopelessly home.
Cursing the heavens, I wished
That I had walked back already.

I had earlier contemplated
Whether to walk in the wind
Or delight in dinner and wish
For the wind to die down.
It didn’t.

After eating a quite delightful dinner
With my new found friend,
We departed from the dining center
Only to find falling lakes being delivered
From the wicked winter sky.

Cursing, calling out to the empty heavens,
I mumbled meaningless nonsense
As I stared sightlessly into the
White winter monster that lay
In wait outside the door.

Continuing my incessant ranting,
My group trudged through the portal
To the white hell that awaited us,
Purposely hanging and hovering
In order to give us dread.

Hurriedly, we stumbled and fumbled
Down the slick and slippery sidewalk.
Departing from my friend during the flurry
Caused me ceaseless worry,
But we continued to press on.

My sister and I continued through
The dominating silence in the world,
Blinded by the kamikaze flakes,
Praying to not be hit by a bike
Or crushed by a car that may cross us.

Not soon enough, the silence
Was stabbed by the bumbling cars
Driving through the slick snow.
Frustratingly, they kept coming, leaving
Little room for us to make our way.

Eventually, the quiet descended again
So we made our way across the street,
But our safe enclosure still felt so far.
Pressing desperately forward
We wished to be away from the burdensome cold.

Ahead—ahead I could see our destination
Towering toward the ominously cloudy sky,
The clouds, peach due to the light’s infection.
Clambering onward, forward, toward
The warm blanket present in my mind.

Now I sit here, warm and cheerful,
Contemplating the frosty menace beyond my window,
Complaining freely about the unwanted
Experience, as I quietly mutter,
“Winter wonderland, my ass.”

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