Monday, October 6, 2014

Lost Meaning

Lost Meaning  

Have you ever deigned to realize
When people say I’m sorry,
For the most part you ignore it
No matter what their worry.

What is the reason for this?
Every word loses its meaning
When it’s so often repeated
Causing others to ignore its feeling.

When you often apologize
For something not your fault,
It causes others to ignore it
For it’s a word used as a default.

This isn’t just true with I’m sorry
But with other phrases as well,
If you constantly hear I love you,
When they mean it, you can’t truly tell.

If you repeat a word
Only about a dozen times,
It quickly loses its meaning,
Go ahead and give it a try.

Quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet
Quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet,
Quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet,
Now doesn’t it look funny?

I never truly realized this
Until it was pointed out,
These words were quietly spoken
Because there was no need to shout.

When I was told her father died,
My fist response was, “I’m sorry.”
She cocked her head and asked me why,
So I responded, “I guess because I’m worried.”

“I feel  really sad
Because your father died.”
She said, “It’s not your fault,
There’s no reason to apologize.”

It was then that I realized,
I simply brush it away,
When people constantly apologize,
And I continue on my way.

 I also quickly realized
That I often do the same,
I constantly apologize
Even though I’m not to blame.

So the next time someone tells you
That something bad has happened,
Your reaction should not be to apologize,
Because there isn’t really a reason.

I beg you to find another way
To show you feel sympathy,
Or all your words, as well as others
Could eventually lose their meaning. 

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