Friday, October 10, 2014

Sun in my Eyes

Sun in My Eyes

Every time I look at you
You are so bright it’s almost as if
The sun is in my eyes.
So high in the sky
You fly so far above the rest of us
That we could never compare.
Everything you say and do
Every word and action you make
So bright and sunny.
Especially when you smile it’s almost as if
The sun is in my eyes.

But there is a dark secret you hide
Something shared with none.
That smile so bright
Thant shines like the sun
That blinds all who see
Is a lie.

Though it’s a smile as bright as the sun
All we really see is the moon.
Even though the moon is full
And it’s so very bright,
That’s all it is,
A poor reflection of the sun.
So even though it appears
To shine of its own volition
It doesn’t truly.

That smile is a fraud
Meant to deceive.
You are not bright like the sun.
In fact, all you really are
Is a dull reflection
Who thinks they are bright
And high in the sky.
All you are is
A lie.

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