Saturday, October 11, 2014



I am tired—but I do not sleep.
I’m full of sorrow, but I do not weep.
You fill me with love—but this does not show.
You fill me with hate—that I drag in tow.
I am full of joy as I face the day.
I am full of pain—that never fades away.
There is a dull ache, that festers and grows,
A sinking ship that I cannot row.
Sprouting lines of shining flowers
Wither and die without rain showers.
When autumn comes, leaves shrivel and die
But spring comes again—and things come alive.
Exhaustion turns to sorrow—and back again—
Just like a whirlpool turns—and never—ends.
Love turns to hate, but then is gone.
Love comes back again, and that’s not wrong.
From joy comes pain when things dissolve
It’s no simple problem that we can solve.
A clock keeps spinning—it never ends.
A cloth may tear and it will soon mend.
Spiral on and never stop,
We don’t give way to what time’s wrought.

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