Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Two Views of the World

Two Views of the World

I look at the world from the Outside,
A part of it, yet not.
I view the world,
One among many.
People stand next to me
Yet we do not connect,
We stand together, but apart,
Uncertain of what we share.
We do not ask for one another’s views,
We do not ask after one another’s interests,
We do not ask about one another’s feelings,
We do not ask…
We stand separate,
Lost in our own worlds.
My views may not match yours
So I do not bother,
You do not bother…
For we stand separate.
We look at the world differently
And my views match no ones
They are mine alone,
For I look at the world from the Outside,
Wondering about it, but not experiencing it.

I look at the world from the Inside,
A part of it, a member.
I know all the people next to me,
The stranger I spoke to,
The man down the street,
My family in Europe,
My friend next door.
We all share views,
We all share interests,
We all share our feelings,
We all share…
I share everything and listen when needed.
I have my world, and you have yours,
Will you share with me?
I love to talk to others,
I love to view others worlds
So I can learn more about my own.
I stand together
With my family,
My friends,
And strangers alike,
Sharing my views with all who will listen.
I look at that world from the Inside,
Experiencing it, marveling at it.

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