Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Words Hurt

Words Hurt

Words hurt.
You can try to deny it but if I told you how
And worthless you are
It would hurt.
More so if you care about me and my opinions.
If I am a peer,
A coworker,
A friend,
A daughter,
A lover,
My words could do catastrophic damage.
I could tear out your soul and crush it in my fist.
You’d claim you’re okay, that “sticks and stones, man.”
But inside you’re still bleeding.
Denying it doesn’t change a thing.
Doesn’t change the fact that words
Are like spider webs.
They stick to the corners and won’t go away
Because every time you clear them
The spider comes back and rebuilds.
The web is still there.
The threads interweave through the recesses of your mind and the first time I say something harsh and cruel
It sticks
And it stays,
And it reverberates through your mind.
Each time you clear it, it may move back, further in your mine, but that doesn’t change the fact that
Waiting for you to remember and hurt all over again.
Physical wounds hurt
But with time they fade
And you forget.
I have scars that I don’t remember where they came from.
But when my heart hurts, it hurts for a long time.
For years
My whole life.
Going to college and being an English major,
A writer,
A poet,
I know the value of picking the right words and which emotions they invoke.
Words have power.
Words have strength.
You can deny it all you want
But it
Words still hurt
And you cry inside like a child who knows just what words can really do.
Bullies take advantage of this deception.
You try so hard to pretend like it doesn’t hurt
Until it’s too late
And the pain in so vast that even the ocean can’t hold it
And you drown.
You sink to the very bottom of the abyss struggling for a breath of air and all you can hear are those horrid
words ringing in your ears until
Locked into an ever declining spiral because you couldn’t tell the effect someone else’s words had on you.
Your own ignorance distanced you and now
You can’t find a way back.
Words can also heal.
When someone reaches out and pulls you out of the ocean of your own emotions,
When they drag you back to the light of day and say
            “You aren’t ugly,
            You aren’t worthless.
            You are beautiful
            And you are smart.”
You can come back from that abyss and find your way home.
Words hurt,
But words can also heal.
Words are important.
Don’t forget that.

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