Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My Tears

My Tears

Why do I cry
For the memories I lost?
For the joy that I missed
And the lies that I bought.

My precious tears
I have used for naught,
Cause I didn’t want to lose,
All the battles we fought.

The crown’s on the head
Of the King of Darkness,
 And that tears me apart,
Because I watched him rise above the rest.

I know not how to fight this,
This feeling of forlorn,
All the people that he took,
My friend’s lives that I mourn.

Now I try to find out
How we need to fight back,
I will find the strategy
And the courage to attack.

The strategy I found
Tells me to take a life,
But I can’t use my friends
So I’ll use my own knife.

I don’t want to leave
All my loved ones behind,
But I have to fight back,
And to that I’m resigned.

My tears of worry
May fall at your feet,
But I think of the journey,
And the darkness to defeat.

We need a king
Who is wise and benevolent,
Not a monster,
Who is cruel and malevolent.

I have always fought
To protect my dear friends,
But now this fallen kingdom,
Has come to me to mend.

Please remember me
Once I am gone,
I hope you win this battle,
And can finally face the dawn.

I cry because I must leave,
And I will not come back,
So I shed my tears,
And prepare to attack.

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