Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mortality-the Bastard Child

Mortality—the Bastard Child

Mortality is—the bastard child—
To Mother—Eternity.
While Mother is stoic and patient
Mortality strives to succeed.

Mortality always strives to win
With every game he plays—
Eternity—stands in silence—
Every decision—she weighs.

Mother has—Eternity—
To sit—and wait—and watch.
Earth has little consequence
Where Time is just a Notch.

But Mortality still runs a race
With Time—who he can’t beat.
A terror—burning in his chest,
A fire rife with heat.

Forever will he fear his—Father—
The man—who controls—Time­­.
Till Death drags him to silence,
And covers his Mother’s crime.

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