Monday, October 6, 2014

My Journey

My Journey

My journey, my travels.
The places I go,
The people I meet,
The seeds I sow.

The gentle hand, the loving words,
I keep on moving,
Keep moving forward,
I keep walking.

My feet do not stop,
My journey moves on,
As I leave behind
The sunset and dawn.

As I move, following the road,
I leave people behind,
People I’ve come to care for,
Because I’ve new treasures to find.

It’s my blood, it longs for travel,
So I continue to move,
I continue to follow the road,
With nothing to prove.

How long, how far
This road shall take me
I know not,
All I can do is wait and see.

The end, my journey,
Still is far from my sight,
So I’ll keep moving,
Until I’m ready for flight.

My wings, I shall spread,
When I’m ready to sore,
But until then, my journey
Shall continue forever more.

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