Saturday, October 11, 2014

Party Idolization

Party Idolization

What has infected our society
That we choose to idolize those who are wrong?
Why is it that the people who always party
Are those about who we sing our songs?

“Yo this goes out to all you kids
That still have their cars at the club valet and it’s Tuesday,”
It the intonation of an idolized singer,
We praise this attitude and bow down
But what is it that makes this song a winner?

“Last Friday night…think we kissed but I forgot…”
An ode to those who party,
But since when is blacking out, “skinny dipping in the dark,”
“Yeah I think we broke the law…” a good thing?

Sure, being laid back, and having fun
Is a good quality to have
But when it gets to the point that you do wrong
That’s when your tone goes flat.

Freedom of movement, freedom of thought,
Is this what is idolized?
But if it’s blacking out and breaking laws
How will our society stay stabilized?

Breaking the law is not a joke,
It’s not something to brag about,
These are those who go to jail,
The ones who are ALWAYS figured out.

Those who drink too much liquor
And continue ‘til all goes black
Are those who go absolutely nowhere
Until others must pick up their slack.

When songs about resisting rehab
And going home with strangers are common,
I fear for our society
So please someone give me a good argument!

Why can’t we sing about scientists
Play piano to a musical genius,
We should sing odes to heroes,
Not about those who are blatantly rebellious.

In what manner is this rebellion good?
How does it benefit anyone?
All it gets you is poor grades in school,
A black cloak that dampers your fun.

But the problem with that idea
Is those partiers who get bad grades
Grumble and blame it on teachers,
On the ones who are getting paid.

It’s not the teachers fault when you’re sick
From drinking too much beer.
If you miss too much class you fail
So get your ass in gear.

But the world won’t get any brighter
If you happen to make it through school,
You also can’t skip out on work
Because you spent all night at a barstool.

In reality, the partiers are looked down on,
They are the ones who go nowhere,
And grumble about the unfairness of life
Just so you’re all aware.

Not that going to parties is bad,
It can be a good release of pressure,
A good break from the black cloud of life
And for the week ahead, a good refresher.

But when it becomes the core of your life
And all you do is party,
When Katy Perry* is who you idolize
You should probably be wary.

This is not what society should idolize,
We should look up to those who are smart.
Just because you have a smile like the sun
Doesn’t mean you’ll get very far.

Those who are smart are the ones who prosper,
They are the ones who climb the ranks,
The smart ones go somewhere in life
Though as “nerds” they are bullied and pranked.

Though it may be cliché to say so,
The smart ones will be your boss, it’s true,
They can create their own roads in life
Unlike partiers who may misconstrue
Who the real people are to be idolized,
The ones with real virtues,
The ones who do good things with life,
The ones the partiers may rue.

If we want to fix society
Ideas like this must be tested,
Things that really matter in life
Are the things in which we should be interested.

So be wary who and what you idolize,
For life’s not just a game.
Idolize those that make good advancements
And that’s when society will be saved.

*I do not hold anything against Katy Perry, she's just the one that I've heard the most songs on the radio about partying. 

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