Saturday, October 11, 2014



Don’t ever—Assume—anything
Because most likely you are wrong.
There are so many presumptions made
Which should not stay too long.

People assume—Too often—
At things they cannot know,
Often things in people’s lives
Are things they may not show.

The kid who often misses school
May actually be sick.
You—CANNOT—just assume
That they like to ditch.

That quiet—silent—girl in the corner,
Is most likely very shy.
People often think she’s arrogant
But I always wonder why.

There’s a boy whose sleeves are long,
His wrists are jagged and cut,
What’s in his life you cannot know
Have you even taken the time to ask?

There is no way for us to know
So Assumptions—are often made.
So if you even care at all
Extend a hand in aid.

Assumptions are a poison,
It travels through the veins
Of society—where we like to think
That we hold onto the reigns.

But that is not true
So it’s all up to you
To find out what’s right
And use all of your might
To change. 

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