Friday, October 3, 2014

Friend of Mine

Friend of Mine

Tripping, tumbling down our high hill,
Friend locked in laughter long into the night.
Vapid grass tickles, ignoring our sneezing
As a case of the giggles, we try to fight.

Galloping horses, glazed over with dirt,
Dusty and dry ground try to hamper our ride,
But as we ride onward, the giants drool,
Causing us to quickly canter and hide.

Two girls, shivering, sopping wet
As an angry ocean covers the sky,
In this we’ll stay, like the darkest days,
And to each other, we would never lie.

Spectacular lighting flashes, my friend trips
And quickly I dart to give her aid.
The horse’s hooves thunder ominous closer,
But we struggle away and the clouds start to fade.

Under a lush tree, we stand in silence,
Our hearts the only sound for miles.
Looking at each other, we begin to wonder,
If this was only one of life’s many trials.

Adversity faced gave us courage,
Terror gave us a new view and heart,
But even if we move miles away,
Nothing will ever keep us apart.

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