Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bed Time

Bed Time

Sleeping, sleeping so peacefully,
Home is the place I long to be.
Comfortable and warm, safely in my bed,
The usual place I rest my head.

But that ideal is not where I now lie,
And no matter how hard I try
That happy place eludes me,
No matter how often I try to plea
To be set free of this horrid prison,
And every time that he’s risen
Off that dank and dirty couch,
There hasn’t been an ounce
Of kindness or mercy,
And my body goes into a state of emergency.

He stalks over to my cage and opens the door,
As he reaches toward me my tears start to pour,
Which causes him to be angrier than ever
And now I think that I may never
See my friends and family again,
So before the punishment begins
I beg him to set me free,
With my constant heart wrenching pleas.

His face contorts with anger
And I can feel the sense of danger
As he raises his fist up high,
I fear he’ll give it another try.
When the hit lands on my face
It will surely leave a trace,
Then he pulls me out by my hair,
Which is long and thick and fair.

And he drags me to his bed,
Where I’m forced to lay my head,
But it’s not the place I want to be,
A place where I can sleep peacefully.

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