Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Never Look Back

I wrote this poem a while ago. I think it's actually the earliest one I have dated and I decided I didn't want to edit it because this poem shows what my poetry looked like ten years ago (note: I was 12). I think it's interesting to see the difference and how far I've come. 

Never Look Back

Never look back
Down that dark, empty road.
Don’t look in the sack
And don’t go alone.

Some things are hiding
Behind many objects,
I saw someone spying
As I traveled alone.

They may grab real hard
And then pull you down,
You may hide in a yard,
But you won’t be alone.

If you look back,
Who knows what will happen,
You may be something’s snack,
On that road you’re never alone.

Don’t EVER look back
When you walk on that road,
Don’t look in the giant sack
Or you won’t be alone. 

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