Thursday, October 2, 2014

Disappear with the Gust

This is another one that I wrote along time ago and recently rewrote so I'm going to put both versions up for you to read.

Disappear With the Gust
Date Unknown

It pushes through me,
It rushes on and on,
Makes me feel altogether,
Like your weakest pawn.
Everyone knows me,
Through your eyes,
You don’t care
If it burns my mind.
You push me forward,
It gives me pain and anger.
Someone tells me
Later you’ll thank her.
I don’t care what you say
I won’t be very thankful.
I know you better than you know
So I know that you are hateful.
Just leave me lying here,
Lying I the dust,
Someday you’ll regret it,
When I disappear with the gust.

Disappear With the Gust

It pulses through me,
It rushes on and on,
Defeat envelopes me
Until I’m your weakest pawn.
The image of me that’s seen is murky
As they peer at me through your eyes,
You chuckle darkly and morosely
As I tread water and scream to the skies.
You push randomly on my buttons
Bringing forth red pain and flashing anger.
I can’t seem to remember who I am
As I cast out to sea but lose my anchor.
I slip and slide on dangerous ground
And for that, to you I’m thankful.
But I can see through you’re constructed lies,
I can see your soul is dark and resentful.
You do what you can to drown others,
You bring forth the blackest part of our souls.
I won’t put up with this treatment
And I won’t follow your scripted roles.
I know one day you’ll just leave me lying here,
Lying broken and bleeding in the dust,
So while I still have the option
I’ll abandon my post and disappear with the gust. 

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