Thursday, October 2, 2014



Empty – empty windows, broken glass.
Eternity – eternity spent spiraling forever into Hell.
A Hell full of fury and heart-ache.
A heart-ache that defines me as – lost.
Lost in a cold – and lonely – labyrinth.
A labyrinth that consumes my mind.
Trapped – trapped forever in the horrid world inside me.
Tortured – tortured is my soul
          That is lost and empty.
Empty for

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  1. This is possibly my favorite of the poems here so far. You've posted several poems about what it feels like to be depressed, to be on the outside of a circle looking in and hoping someone reaches out to you. You capture that feeling very well, and I too am intimately familiar with it. I feel, though, that this poem cuts most directly to the heart of that feeling with its poignant imagery. Depression is undeniably cold, and empty, and like being trapped in a labyrinth with no hope that you'll ever find your way out. Even I have never been able to capture that sorrow so accurately.