Thursday, October 9, 2014

Queen of Darkness

Queen of Darkness

It is so hot,
I fear my sweet outer layer
Will melt away
To reveal the cold bitterness
That festers inside.

The bitter side
Of me is one that brings terror
For in its grasp
All will be consumed in darkness
And solitude.

Empty darkness
That will prevail and bring forth black
Nights of stark ruin
And all will flee to the abyss
That gives shelter.

An illusion
They run to, for I watch over
Everything here.
There is no corner that doesn’t
Harbor shadows.

The solitude
Closes in to leave them helpless
Praying for God.
But he isn’t there to shelter
Them from my spell.

The trees will die,
Withering in the cold winter
Frost I call forth.
Everything within sight shall wilt
And slowly, die.

I will become
The Queen of Darkness, who shatters
And scatters all
We know and cherish in this world.
All will perish.

Let us now hope
That this never occurs and I
Hold that layer
Of sweetness, that covers sorrow
That dwells within.

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