Monday, October 6, 2014

Look, Listen, and Care

Look, Listen, and Care

Only those with eyes can see,
Only those with ears can hear,
And only those with tongues can speak.
If you do not look,
Then you will not see.
If you do not listen,
Then you will not hear.
And if you do not care,
Then you will not speak.
If we take a look around us,
Then we will see so many who do not
            See, hear, or speak.
Those who do not
            Look, listen, or care.
Are you one of them?
Do you see, hear, and speak?
Or are you on who does not look, listen, or care?
No one can make you do these things.
There is no reason to strive for these goals,
            But if you do not look, listen, and care,
Then you will find no reason to see, hear, and speak.
Only with these can you truly learn and truly be free.
            Free to be yourself and notice others.
The things we should do most
            Are to look, listen, and care.
But there are so many
           Who do not see, hear, or speak.

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