Saturday, October 11, 2014

Take Off That Mask

Take Off That Mask
Date Unknown

She was always hiding
Behind her veil of make-up,
I was her friend so
I said, “Please take off that mask.”

She refused to listen,
We started falling apart,
Her eyes no longer glistened
Behind that awful mask.

I just couldn’t stand it,
She always tried to hide.
She said she wouldn’t be popular,
If she took off her mask.

She yelled at me
When I suggested it,
Why couldn’t she see?
All her make-up is is a mask.

She claimed she needed the make-up,
Without it she was ugly,
She would cry on my shoulder,
But she kept the mask.

We really began to separate,
We saw less of each other,
It was lonely at night
Thinking about her mask.

I pleaded her to take
Off her layers of guilt,
Piled on with make-up,
That is now her mask.

Her true self is hidden
Under those awful layers,
If only, if only
She’d take off her mask.

We shared a bond
That shattered into pieces,
We walked a different path,
Mine without a mask.

I still miss her sometimes,
But now I’m over it,
But even in my dreams,
I still see her mask.

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