Monday, October 13, 2014

The Traveler

The Traveler

The bright sky was burning
And the ocean still turning
As I stood there, wondering, yearning,
For my home along the shore.

But then my heart was torn asunder
As the village below was plundered,
As soon I began to wonder,
If of the light, they will ever see more.

Again, I moved away pacing
With my mind forever racing
About the people I saw placing,
Spacing their dead out on the floor.

I turned my face quickly away
As my thoughts again began to stray
Back to my home on that dreadful day,
The day the rain started to forever pour.

The day I left, I do now regret
But soon I shall be forced to forget
As the vile villains that had beset
The villagers came and knocked me to the floor.

My wish to go back to my home town
Was smashed as again I was pushed to the ground
As I begged for a shred of pity to be found,
But they laughed and pushed me as before.

As I lie here crying, bleeding
For my family and friends my soul is weeping
Nevermore their trinkets shall I be keeping,
Leaving their memories within my store.

As I close my eyes in bliss and silence
All the useless noise and dreadful violence,
Not to mention my habit of willing compliance,
All slowly wither and show no more.

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